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Mother’s Day when a Friend is Struggling

There are many reasons why Mother’s Day can be difficult for some.  In my own experience, it was the double-edged sword of being appreciative of the mothers in my life and what mothers do for others, and feeling sad and … Continue reading

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Friday Phone Dump: Happiness is in the Moments You Take the Time to Appreciate

I love cell phone photography.  Sure, its nice to get out the big camera, dress up the little ones, try to capture the perfect spot with awesome lighting and do a lil photo shoot now and then.  Those are always … Continue reading

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In the Zone Part I: How I Got My Groove Back

I posted this photo on Instagram (I’m lacie_b in case you’d like to connect there) with the following caption. “Happy First Day of Spring!  I don’t know about you, but I’m using this day as a perfect opportunity to refocus, … Continue reading

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Talking to Children in our Family Part II: The Lunch Date

Upon arrival at the restaurant I noticed the girls were dressed all cute and sassy for our date.  I noticed a ballerina dress, sparkly shoes and fancy scarves before we even got our coats off.  They came with my cousin, … Continue reading

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Talking to Children in our Family about Adoption Part I: The Booklet

Over a month ago, we hosted Rocky’s first birthday party.  It was a super fun celebration for friends and family that deserves its own post.  I was tearing up the baby dance floor with my Boo in my arms to … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

I have so many blog posts running through my head.  I need to pick one and just start writing, even if I write for five minutes at a time, it would be better than nothing.  I feel good when I … Continue reading

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Gifts from Miss Rose

When I dropped Rocky off at Baby School, Miss Rose had a gift bag waiting for me.  It was on the shelf, under his cubby.  It was an unassuming brown paper bag, decorated with glitter and a green bow. When … Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts for Birth Parents

I knew I was going to make photo albums for both of Rocky’s birth parents for Christmas.  I get to see those little moments every day that make him who he is, but their time with him is more fleeting … Continue reading

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Christmas Letter to Rocky

It’s been hard for me to know what to write these days.  On one hand, I feel like I need to share, over and over, how grateful I am (as shown by some of my recent posts).  On the other … Continue reading

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Sleep Update

Wow. Ask and you shall receive!  You guys came through like champions with the sleep training suggestions.  My sister-in-law sent me 273 texts on the matter and the comment section of my last post has a wealth of information for … Continue reading

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