Friday Phone Dump: Happiness is in the Moments You Take the Time to Appreciate

I love cell phone photography.  Sure, its nice to get out the big camera, dress up the little ones, try to capture the perfect spot with awesome lighting and do a lil photo shoot now and then.  Those are always great but they require work and time.  You’ve got to find someone to help you corral said tot(s) for the perfect shot.  When you are working with a toddler or multiple toddlers, this is like wrangling cats.  Then, of course, there’s the uploading and editing.  For me, this always takes as much time to edit as it does for me to shoot.  I haven’t even finished working with my Babies First Birthday pics.  Sigh.

These days, I’m lucky if I get to pee alone and my toenails are in desperate need of polishing so I can wear sandals.  WHEN will I squeeze that in plus dry time?  You see my point.  With cell phone photography, it’s instant.  There’s no plugging in and uploading, no long editing process and no big camera style photo shoots.  It’s real life, not staged.  It’s capturing the moments that we don’t want to forget as they unfold.  That’s really what makes pictures great, isn’t it?  So here I am with my first Friday Phone Dump.

1.  Baby’s First Motorcycle Ride

2.  Swinging with the Boo:  I captioned this one on Instagram with the title of this post.  Happiness really is in the moments that you take the time to appreciate.  It’s not a destination, rather a choice.  I have always tried to look for those moments every single day.  Some days, indeed, are harder than others.  But when we look, we’ll find them.

3.  Tricked out New Ride:  The speakers, cooler bag, cup holders and beach tires were for us, I mean, him.

4.  They See Me Rollin, They Hatin’:  I used to go to the grocery store and be sad.  Sometimes I would even buy pregnancy and baby magazines and price baby food and organic baby wash.  Why?  Because I felt it was all I could do.  For a minute, I wasn’t on the outside looking in.  I felt that all of my positive thinking and mental preparation might just pay off.  It comforted me.  Now?  I have the cutest shopping partner in the store and a guaranteed meltdown at the checkout.  It’s all good.  I appreciate all of it.

5.  He Has my Hand and my Heart:  Forever and ever, amen.

6.  Sleepy Boy:  This was what I saw upon arrival at Nanny’s house two weeks ago.  I could kiss that face a thousand times and it wouldn’t be enough.

7.   Robot Shirt, Leg Rolls, Converse, No Pants:  Not everyone can rock this look.  I know I couldn’t pull it off.  Please don’t visualize that.  I’m sorry.  On him?  Can’t even stand the cuteness.

8.  Selfie:  He gets this face pretty much every time I turn the camera around he can see himself.  He sticks his tongue out when he concentrates just like my Pop did.  I love it.

9.  Big Boy:  He’s standing, he’s walking, he’s here, there and everywhere.  There’s no stopping him now!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  Take time to enjoy the moments.

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2 Responses to Friday Phone Dump: Happiness is in the Moments You Take the Time to Appreciate

  1. MOM says:

    Ahhhhh this BLOG reminds me of an Oldies Song…”THIS MAGIC MOMENT”please listen to it…you may be able to put it into your next BLOG. I love my little ROCKY and my Hannah…it’s like having my Lacie & Adam little…one more time :)

  2. Ashley says:

    Precious! Thanks for sharing!

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