What is a Pollywog?

To most people, I would imagine that a pollywog is a tadpole.  When I was a little, some mornings my mom would wake me up by singing “The Pollywog Song.”

Good morning little Pollywog!

In three more days, you’ll be a frog!

Then you can leap from log to log,

You funny, little Pollywog!

Those who know me best know that I hate to get out of bed.  I love my sleep.  I’m not apologizing for it, it’s who I am.  Even back then at the ripe old age of 3-5 years, this was the case.  Some days I would demand, “Mom sing the song!  I’m not getting up til you sing the song!”  She would sing it, and I would drag my little butt out of bed.  Then I would ask her to sing the song to my parakeet, Pepper and my guinea pig, Arnold.  I was a precocious little bugger, to put it nicely.  I wish you could hear it, because the song is really sweet.  To me it is, anyway.

Some days I sing the song to my aging Jack Russel Terrier.  She loves the bed more than I do.  I’ve been even known to sing the song to my husband, on the rare (I mean rare) occasion that I get up before he does.  A Pollywog is anything I think is cute, and has commanded my heart at that very moment.  It is a term of affection.  I generally want to kiss Pollywogs all over their sweet faces and sing to them, ’cause that’s how I roll.  I hope to some day soon have another Pollywog or two to add to my home.  In my book, there’s always time for a song and you can’t give too many kisses.

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  1. Tricia says:

    You used to sing me this song in the dorm and now I sing it to my pollywog.

    • Thanks for commenting, Tricia! You are the very first person to comment on my blog! The Pollywog song in the dorm! It’s a good thing that you were my roommate and not someone else who would’ve headed for the hills and thought I was crazy!

  2. FSL says:

    Adam sings me the Pollywog song, too. It is close to my heart…as are your pollywogs. I am crying while typing…so I will stop typing now. :)

  3. Hope Sload says:

    That song will forever be embedded in my head… Aunt Robin sang it to us growing up and now I sing it to my little pollywogs… I don’t even know what to say, Gavin is your blog male model (with Annie) and Stella your feature this month… I am so blessed with the 2 most perfect children (they get their looks from me) :-) in the world, and they are so lucky to have such a doting Aunt Lacie that spoils them rotten. :-) Love ya. xoxoxox

  4. Robin Gainer says:

    AHHHHHHH!!! U Kids make me CRY :0) Who would ever imagine that ALL of U would remember the Little POLLYWOG song. I think it was a song from MY Kindergarten teacher. It made an impression on me…so I passed it along. NEVER dreaming it would be remembered and passed on to the NEXT generation of POLLYWOGS!!!

    It is in these moments I feel sooooooo Blessed to have the GREATEST KIDS on earth.

    You all own my HEART FOREVER,

    Love You MOM

  5. Joanne Carney says:

    So, my mom sang “Good morning little pollywog” to me and her mom sang it to her. I sang it to my kids and grandkids. The only difference is that we sang “in three short months you’ll be a frog”
    Wish I knew where it originated from. How cool that there are others who remember this song. Let’s face it, it’s not “twinkle, twinkle little star.”

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