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Some Pre-Transfer Thoughts

The time has finally come for my final preparation for this transfer.  Though, I’ve been through this process four times, each time is filled with anticipation, hope, dreams and what-ifs.  The hardest part of what is to come in the … Continue reading

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Snow Baby “Halloween Parade” Contest!

As we all know, there have been Halloween pictures popping up all over facebook and the blogs that most of us read.  Since I don’t have any children of my own to show off just yet, I thought I’d take … Continue reading

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Babies in my belly!

It’s official! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your prayers and support!!! I have been feeling the love all day and I am so blessed to have such an incredible cheering section! Everything went PERFECTLY!  We had two healthy … Continue reading

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Any news?

I get asked this question.  A lot.  I have no idea how many times I’ve been asked this question over the past few years.  On one hand, it tells me how excited everyone really is about me becoming a mom.  … Continue reading

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