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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, I turn 36.  AND (I am pretty sure that by starting a sentence with “and,” I am breaking some sort of grammatical rule.  I am not sorry.  It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want.), I started my … Continue reading

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The State of the Uterus with a Little Inspiration

The State of the Uterus is excellent, that’s what the doc is telling me.  We are good to go for transfer next Wednesday, so this is fantastic news to have in my back pocket for the New Year’s festivities.  This … Continue reading

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“We nailed it.”

That was a quote from Dr. D this morning. I went in today so that he could measure uterine lining to be sure that the thickness is what it should be, to be ideal for transfer (also known as a … Continue reading

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Thin? Really? Did she just say that one of my body parts "is a little too thin?"

Unfortunately the nurse was talking about my uterine lining. This means that our transfer date, as of right now, has been pushed back by a week.  They’ve upped my estrogen and, with the support of the additional pill and some … Continue reading

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